Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nicole Richie Talks About Jail, Lindsay, and Rehab

Nicole Richie hit the airwaves Wednesday morning to speak out about the latest round of young Hollywood scandals. The 25-year-old Simple Life star, who played host to two of this weekends' fallen starlets at a barbeque on Sunday, joined the On Air With Ryan Seacrest show to chat about her ongoing court case, friends Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and the recent rumors about her returning to rehab. Listen to the interview here, or check out excerpts below!:

On if Paris is nervous about jail:
"Wouldn't you be?...Of course she is."

On the possibility of getting jail time for her December 6 arrest:
"Everything is possible at this point...I'm nervous, but I understand that I have to deal with whatever consequences come my way, and I take responsibility."

On Lindsay Lohan:
"I haven't talked to her...she was at my barbeque, but I didn't see her...I saw Mischa, but I missed Lindsay...I think she was there for 5 minutes."

On recent rumors that she was back in rehab:
"I hadn't been photographed in a couple of weeks...people were wondering where I was...the truth was, I was on tour with [boyfriend] Joel [Madden]. I don't have any plans to go back [to rehab]. Hopefully I won't ever have to go back."


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