Friday, March 30, 2007

Evangeline Lilly,"Lost" Star, Likes Feminine Men

Evangeline Lilly expressed her preference towards "Metrosexual" men.. In fact, she does not mind if her man is a fashion expert who can help her shop for clothes or even if he dresses in woman’s clothing, quite unusual for a girl who presently ranks as one of the sexiest women on television.

The television series "Lost" star is presently is dating co-actor Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie Pace.

Monaghan admits that he is "metrosexual". In reality, he has an odd liking for accessories and actions uncommon to most men such as putting on makeup, wearing high heels and even wearing women’s clothes. And as much as he seems to be gay, he’s asserts that he’s still all man. In addition, both actors are active environmentalists.

I never was too sure what defines metrosexual, but his situation seems more like a cross-dresser to me. Who would of known Evangeline would be interested in such men. Oh well, good for her, at least she's open to new things.

Elizabeth Hurley Tops Victoria Beckham In Best Body Poll

Liz Hurley has the most desirable body with Victoria Beckham trailing in 2nd, according to a survey of more than 5,000 British women.

The actress came top in a poll conducted by New Woman magazine, which asked its readers to vote for whose body they would most like to emulate.
New Woman editor Helen Johnston said the Estee Lauder model, who famously showed off her figure in a revealing Versace dress held together by safety pins, had the perfect shape.

"She is pencil-slim but still curvy, the ideal most women desperately want," she said.

"However, ordinary women can comfort themselves with the fact it is a 24-hour-a-day job, requires iron determination and probably very little food.

"For most of us, a body like Elizabeth Hurley's would require a lifetime of sacrifice."

The Top 10 Body Idols
1 Liz Hurley
2 Victoria Beckham
3 Myleene Klass
4 Kelly Brook
5 Kate Moss
6 Kate Winslet
7 Cat Deeley
8 Jordan
9 Sienna Miller
10 Keira Knightley
Here's the Versace Dress:

Borat Jr. On Its Way?

Sources claim the creator of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Sacha Baron Cohen, has a baby on the way.

Sacha's fiancee, Isla Fisher, was said to have spilled the news while at a bar in Los Angeles, telling friends: "We've got good news - I'm pregnant!"

The couple got together in 2002 and became engaged three years ago.

However they decided to delay their wedding while the Australian actress learned more about Judaism, in order to have a ceremony in keeping with Sacha's beliefs.

Leonardo DiCaprio Set To Marry Supermodel Bar Refaeli

The Titanic Star, Leonardo DiCaprio, is all grown up and is reportedly going to marry Israeli Supermodel, Bar Refaeli. The pair have been dating since 2006 and are "ecstatic" about their upcoming nuptials.

Speaking to the National Enquirer magazine, a source said: "Bar's mom and dad think Leo's a total gentleman and love the way he's treated their daughter."

Setting the big day in June, when the Victoria's Secret model turns 22, the couple are thought to be planning a number of celebratory parties.

"They say they'll probably have a private ceremony in Israel, then a big ring ceremony and party in the US towards the end of the year," the source added.Leo, 32, toured Israel with Bar earlier this month including sights such as the Wailing Wall, the holiest site in Judaism.

"The reason they made the trip to Israel is that Leo wanted to get Bar's parents' approval before he popped the question. Now they are busy making wedding plans," the source added.

I find it hard to believe he would get married so quick after just breaking up with Gisele Bundchen, whom he was with from 2002-2006. And besides, the National Enquirer has got to be the most unreliable tabloid.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Britney and K-Fed Settle But Kids Want Their Daddy

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reached a settlement in their divorce. TMZ has learned that K-Fed will walk away with around $1 million. As for their two kids, we're told Britney and Kevin will have joint custody, sharing physical custody 50/50. The divorce will be final, with a judge's signature, very soon.

That's not too bad considering he walked into the marriage broke carrying some tennis shoes and white t-shirts. The way Britney has been acting lately, it's not surprising he got 50/50 custody.

On another note, Britney Spears is distraught that her sons seem to be more comfortable spending time with her estranged husband Kevin Federline than her.

According to the upcoming issue of Star Magazine, "When Britney came to Kevin's house, she realized the boys felt very at home there, and that there wasn't a place for her," The Scoop says the insider told the tab. "She hasn't had very good visits with the boys."

Usmagazine Tired of Seeing Victoria Backham's Nipples

Victoria Beckham Nipple

The tabloids are tiring of seeing Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, strutting around exposing her nipples to the public. US Magazine has sent the fashion diva a letter urging her to cover up when she hits the Sates.

Dear Victoria “Posh” Beckham,

We just have to get this off our chest: There is nothing Posh about forgetting to wear a bra when gallivanting about in thin T-shirts, as you’ve unfortunately been known to do.

It is obvious to us that the bra may be a foreign concept to you – much like American football, or the good sense to avoid Tom Cruise – so allow us to explain: You’re a 32-year-old woman with perky breasts that apparently like to breathe. But keep shunning that bra and in five years you’ll end up with pendulums hanging off your clavicle that hubby David Beckham might mistake for soccer ball bags.

We're really looking out for you best interests ... so we hope you'll keep our advice close to your heart.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Wants To Quit Hollywood and Move Back to New York City

Jennifer Aniston is hoping she will find love when she returns home, and is also keen to tread the boards on Broadway.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "She feels she needs a boost in her life and she can meet all kinds of people there. And she can meet men. She's revisiting the Broadway idea."

Last October, the 38-year-old star took part in the one-night Broadway stage show 'The 24 Hour Plays' and earlier this month she spent five days in New York on business.

Between business meetings Jennifer kept a low profile, ordering room service at the exclusive Lowell Hotel and popping into a Herm├Ęs store shortly before closing to do some quiet shopping.

She also visited an apartment building where Harvey Keitel is already a resident.

She currently rents a $30,000-a-month Malibu home.

A source said: "She's thinking about moving out."

Jessica Alba Got Married Four Times This Year

Jessica Alba is getting used to walking down the aisle because she plays a bride in four movies.

Jessica said: "I'm getting pretty good at the whole wedding thing. I seem to be getting married a lot this year. The best one for me is 'Fantastic Four 2'. It's on the top of a building and, although it was freezing up there, it was the closest to my own dream wedding."

Jessica, 25, was previously engaged to 'Dark Angel' co-star Michael Weatherly, and is now dating movie producer Cash Warren.

Inside David & Victoria Beckham's 10th Anniversary

David Beckham treated wife Victoria to a romantic night in a hotel for their tenth anniversary.

The soccer star took Victoria to Manchester's five star Lowry Hotel after watching his former team Manchester United play at their home ground, Old Trafford.

David splashed out on dozens of white roses and handmade chocolates, and had a gourmet dinner delivered to their candle filled penthouse suite.

A source said: "You could tell how much he loves her by the way he whisked her straight through the lobby and up to their hotel suite.

"He also gave Victoria some diamond jewellery."

Lindsay Lohan Has Been Out Partying Every Night This Week

The 20-year-old actress hit a host of New York's top hotspots, just weeks after leaving Los Angeles' Wonderland rehab centre.

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan partied with Jude Law at The Box, where onlookers claim she was "drinking champagne and dancing with four Lindsay look-alikes".

On Monday (12.03.07), she danced the night away at Butter and Bungalow 8, while last night (15.03.07) she planned to visit Plumm with her fashion designer friend Charlotte Ronson.

The star - who left Wonderland on February 16 - was also recently seen partying at exclusive nightclub Teddy's in the plush Hollywood Roosevelt hotel

Lindsay's representative, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, says the actress is "doing fine" and just "taking her life day by day".

Lindsay recently admitted she was "really sick" before checking into rehab to be treated for alcoholism.

She said: "I was really sick. I went to the hospital and had people sit me down who said, 'You are going to die if you don't take care of yourself.'

"I heeded what they were telling me."

Nicole Richie Engaged & Almost Wed in Vegas

'The Simple Life' star and the Good Charlotte frontman almost tied the knot in Las Vegas' on February 17, but decided to get Nicole's adoptive dad Lionel Richie's blessing first.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "They picked out matching silver and diamond rings at a jewellery boutique in Caesar's Palace and then headed to the Little White Wedding Chapel where the hovered outside for ages.

"But Nicole Richie wanted her dad's blessing so they went straight to see him when they got back to Los Angeles."

Joel was reportedly terrified about asking Lionel for his blessing.

The source added: "Joel was nervous but he was greeted with open arms and a big hug from Lionel, who thanked him for everything he has done for Nicole."

The couple are now planning to marry in front of their close family and friends at Mexico's Las Ventanas resort in Cabo San Lucas.

The source revealed: "It would be a small ceremony with under 100 people."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Carmen Electra's Lingerie Fetish

The former 'Baywatch' star - who plays a porn star in new British film 'I Want Candy' - loves wearing racy underwear and recommends naughty knickers for any woman who wants to spice up their sex life.

Carmen Electra told Britain's FHM magazine: "I have a lingerie fetish - I love it.

"Don't be afraid of kinky clothing or accessories in the bedroom, it's fun if you get into lingerie or boots.

"And get your girl in high heels - it doesn't get much sexier."

"Sex is all about communication. Don't be afraid to reveal your fantasies."

The 34-year-old model-and-actress also recommends taking a woman out to dinner on a first date.

Carmen, whose ex-husband is rock guitarist Dave Navarro, said: "Dinner is a great first date. Don't believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date - sharing a romantic meal is so sexy.

Mischa Barton Has Branded Modelling "EASY"

Mischa Barton who has lucrative contracts with Neutrogena and Keds trainers, insists models are paid far too much for what they do.

Mischa said: "Modelling is incredibly easy. It's a nice job and it's ridiculous that you get paid so much for doing it."

The 21-year-old has also slammed reports she is underweight, claiming she has a "fast metabolism".

Mischa said: "I've never been too thin. I love eating, especially ice cream. The 'thin factor' has nothing to do with me. It's unfortunate because some actresses do have a problem, which means everyone else comes under the same umbrella.

"I had a personal trainer for a while, but I'm quite lazy. I have a fast metabolism, so I don't need to work out."

Mischa admits she previously considered other career paths away from acting.

She explained: "I've thought about all kinds of other professions, I was interested in psychiatry, psychology and journalism, but I'm always drawn back to acting. I was born in London and if I was still there now, I would probably be a lawyer."

Britney Spears Has Confessed to Doctors That She's Bulimic

Britney Spears has confessed to doctors that she has been suffering from the eating disorder bulimia since she was 16.

The 25-year-old singer tearfully told rehab staff – already treating her for drug and alcohol abuse – that she “pigs out” on junk food like burgers, sweets, biscuits and ice cream then makes herself vomit to avoid putting on weight.

Britney’s nine-year nightmare, revealed in an American magazine, was confirmed by a senior source at the £24,000-a-month Promises centre in Malibu, California.

She entered the centre last month after shaving her head at a hair salon.

“Doctors are alarmed at the physical state she is in,” said the source. “They confronted her about her desperately unhealthy lifestyle and the truth came pouring out.”

Britney said she managed to stop the dangerous habit during her two pregnancies.

But as soon as sons Sean Preston and Jayden James were born, she began the desperately unhealthy cycle again in an effort to lose her added baby weight.

On top of her alcohol and alleged cocaine use, the bulimia turned her into a “human wreck”, according to the source, who added: “When she came here she was shaking and baking. Her whole body was wracked by spasms and she was hot one minute, then freezing cold the next.

“Her first week in detox was real hell. She was in a total mess but slowly she’s pulling through.”

Dietary specialists at Promises are working with doctors to help Britney conquer the eating disorder – famously suffered by Princess Diana – which was discovered when specialists realised why her medications were not working.

The source said: “For the first few days, she’d take her tablets, then go off and eat breakfast or lunch. She was throwing the whole lot up, so, naturally, her medications weren’t working. Now the medical experts know why, her progress should pick up a little speed.”

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ashlee Simpson Coping with Her Break-Up By Picking Up Men

The 22-year-old singer Ashlee Simpson recently split from Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz, 27, but spent Saturday night (03.03.07) on the hunt for a new man in Los Angeles Club Les Deux, before leaving with Neptunes star Chad Hugo.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "She tried to pick up Ryan Phillipe, but he wasn't interested. So then she hung out with Chad all night and left with him."

However, Ashlee's representative has denied the reports, saying: "That is not true. She is working with Chad on her new album. There is nothing romantic going on."

Ashlee, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, recently confessed she is obsessed with rock musicians.

She said: "I love guys that play guitar. Every girl does. But I also like guys who have a great sense of humour and don't take themselves too seriously."

Britney Spears 'No 'drink Or Drug' Problem

Troubled pop star Britney Spears reportedly believes she doesn't need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse because she is suffering from postpartum depression.

The Toxic singer has been in rehab in Malibu, California for two weeks and is furious with friends and family for making her seek counselling.

A source tells American publication US Weekly, "She's convinced she's suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem.

"She's angry at her family and her manager for pressuring her to enter the programme. She feels she was ambushed."

Spears checked in to Promises Residential Treatment Centre on 21 February (07), after several months of hard-partying.

A source says doctors are still concerned about her condition saying, "They're in shock at what bad shape she's in."

The 25-year-old has reportedly not been on her best behaviour at the facility.

A source adds, "(She) has been getting in tons of trouble. (She's) been reprimanded for making cell phone calls, has left the facility to shop, and now she wants to leave rehab for good."

Rachel McAdams Does April Elle Issue

She looks gorgeous! I absolutely admire Rachel, She's talented, beautiful & unlike other starlets she keeps everything outside public eye. On other news, she also started eating meat again!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Justin Timberlake Stole John Travolta's Dancing Feet

John Travolta claims Justin Timberlake copied his dance moves from 1970's movie hits Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

The actor is adamant he was the inspiration for Timberlake's choreography - but plans to raise the bar in new movie musical Hairspray.

The 53-year-old tells MTV, "Justin Timberlake does have my moves, for sure. I have to give him the kudos for that. There's nothing holding that boy back."

He adds of Hairspray, in which he cross-dresses to play Edna Turnblad, "Oh yeah, it's a full-throttle musical. It's my first musical since Grease and interestingly enough, it's almost ended up like a sequel to it.

"Grease took place in 1959, lets say, and Hairspray takes place in 1962.

"The choreography is great, you're going to see gimmicky numbers. I do a whole Tina Turner dance thing. I enjoyed that and in the beginning, Welcome To The '60s is kind of like a big, extravagant number."

Lindsay Lohan: 'I Would Have Died If It Wasn't For Rehab'

Lindsay Lohan checked herself into rehab earlier this year after being told she would die young if she didn't stop her hard-partying lifestyle.

The Mean Girls star recently checked out of the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles after completing a month-long stay. And party girl Lohan admits she needed the stark warning to turn her life around.

She says, "I was really sick. I went to hospital and had people sit me down who said, 'You are going to die if you don't take care of yourself.'

"I needed what they were telling me."

Desperate Housewives Bosses Furious With Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Visits MTV's "TRL" - February 13, 2007

Desperate Housewives bosses are furious with star Eva Longoria for revealing confidential storylines during an interview on national TV in the US.

The star, who plays Gabrielle Solis on the show, leaked secret storylines while making an appearance on US talk show The View.

When asked about what viewers could expect on the show, she revealed her character's husband Carlos won't leave the show as rumoured and that they will suffer through stormy times but will ultimately have a 'surprise' lovers' reunion next season.

Show executives were furious because storylines from the show are kept top secret to keep viewers tuning in.

According to American publication the National Enquirer, executives have issued a stern warning to writers, producers, directors and show staff to not reveal any information regarding the show to Longoria.

Courtney Love Claims There Were Drugs at Paris Hilton's Bday Party

Rocker Courtney Love has sparked concern about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's plans to work as camp counsellors for children in a TV series, after claiming drugs were readily available at Hilton's recent birthday party.

In a posting on her website, the former Hole singer has spoken out about the "white powder" she discovered in the toilet at Hilton's February 24, 2007, party.

And now the head of Foundations For Jewish Camping is worried about the pair's stint as camp counsellors in the upcoming fifth season of their reality show The Simple Life.

Jerry Silverman tells the New York Daily News, "Counsellors are trained, recruited and tested. We take (it) very seriously."

The latest season of the show has already made headlines after Richie was taken to hospital on Friday suffering from dehydration on set.

Paris Hilton's Poker Face

World Poker Tour Invitational

Paris Hilton's poker face is clearly her smile, which is cute but I don't think it's enough to win in a poker game. But then again, it's not like she needs the money.