Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Justin Timberlake Stole John Travolta's Dancing Feet

John Travolta claims Justin Timberlake copied his dance moves from 1970's movie hits Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

The actor is adamant he was the inspiration for Timberlake's choreography - but plans to raise the bar in new movie musical Hairspray.

The 53-year-old tells MTV, "Justin Timberlake does have my moves, for sure. I have to give him the kudos for that. There's nothing holding that boy back."

He adds of Hairspray, in which he cross-dresses to play Edna Turnblad, "Oh yeah, it's a full-throttle musical. It's my first musical since Grease and interestingly enough, it's almost ended up like a sequel to it.

"Grease took place in 1959, lets say, and Hairspray takes place in 1962.

"The choreography is great, you're going to see gimmicky numbers. I do a whole Tina Turner dance thing. I enjoyed that and in the beginning, Welcome To The '60s is kind of like a big, extravagant number."

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