Thursday, March 29, 2007

Usmagazine Tired of Seeing Victoria Backham's Nipples

Victoria Beckham Nipple

The tabloids are tiring of seeing Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, strutting around exposing her nipples to the public. US Magazine has sent the fashion diva a letter urging her to cover up when she hits the Sates.

Dear Victoria “Posh” Beckham,

We just have to get this off our chest: There is nothing Posh about forgetting to wear a bra when gallivanting about in thin T-shirts, as you’ve unfortunately been known to do.

It is obvious to us that the bra may be a foreign concept to you – much like American football, or the good sense to avoid Tom Cruise – so allow us to explain: You’re a 32-year-old woman with perky breasts that apparently like to breathe. But keep shunning that bra and in five years you’ll end up with pendulums hanging off your clavicle that hubby David Beckham might mistake for soccer ball bags.

We're really looking out for you best interests ... so we hope you'll keep our advice close to your heart.



Anonymous said...

dear US magazine,

take the rod slowly out of your ass and then ram it through your heart. DIE VILE CELEBRITY COMMENTING SCUM. and please god kill me for reading this.

Anonymous said...

I'm GLAD they said something! noone wants to see her big nipples and unsupported breasts flopping around everywhere! It's not acceptable on anyone!

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD Us Magazine said something!!! Nobody wants to see her disgusting big nipples and floppy breasts!