Monday, June 18, 2007

Vanessa Minnillo Does 100 Seat Ups In 2 minutes

Looking great on air - or on Nick Lachey's arm - doesn't come easy, even for a natural beauty like Vanessa Minnillo. But Vanessa is ready to suffer for her art. That means not gorging at the buffet table, eating smaller meals throughout the day, and hitting the gym . . . hard.

"It's not about a trainer or an organized sport; it's about fitting in that power hour of upper and lower body exercises, and changing the way you eat," Vanessa tells In Touch.

That said, Vanessa does keep a personal trainer on hand: "Her name is Svetlana," she says, "Doesn't it sound like she's going to kick your butt?" Which, from the sound of it, is precisely what Svetlana does! "It's 60 minutes of power [exercises], and if we get to the end of it and we still haven't done abs - she calls them 'military abs' - I'll do 100 in, like, two minutes. She'll yell, 'Faster, faster, you need to keep going!'" From the looks of Vanessa's sexy figure, it's working.

In Touch

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