Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Cusack Defends Hilary Duff's Acting

Hilary Duff at the Dimension Films presents the World Premiere of "1408"

Hollywood actor John Cusack has leaped to the defense of Hilary Duff, insisting her transition from pop singer to movie star is a huge success.

The pair appear together in upcoming movie War, Inc, but Cusack is exasperated by press scepticism about his co-star's acting abilities.

He tells MTV, "The part was... she played a pop idol from central Asia. So, she was like a Hilary - but not Hilary, because Hilary is so classy - but like a real, and I won't name names, but a real slutty pop star."

"Hilary is the opposite of that, of course. I think for her to play that, or to parody that, was really great."

"I think probably people wouldn't know how talented she is. I mean, she's a great actress. I just spent the entire fall with her and she was a revelation every day. I don't think people know that yet, but they're gonna."

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Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Hilary Duff's work, but I think she is suffering from what most of Hollywood's young stars fall prey to, she is only 20, but looks like she is pushing 30. Life in the fast lane is rough on these girls.
Also, her sister needs to form her own identity, she reminds me of Paris Hilton's ever changing pet companions. Stop living through your sister Haley!