Friday, April 13, 2007

Martin Sheen Slams The Bush Administration On Green Policy

Martin Sheen has slammed the Bush administration for failing to tackle environmental issues. The West Wing star, who has been arrested 65 times for his political activism, expressed his frustration with the current American political climate at an awards ceremony for green energy projects in Brussels, Belgium, this week.

Sheen, 66, said, "We have enough people who are concerned and active citizens, but we do not have the support of the government. This administration has been lacking; it's very upsetting and very discouraging. We're not anticipating anything from this administration, but maybe the next one. Public opinion in America is starting to wake up, no thanks to this administration, but thanks to the environmentalists in America who are taking the leadership."

"Europeans are far more aware and Europe is doing far more than we are. So I hope we'll catch up with you very soon; but we need a new administration in Washington to do that. My children, my children's children and their children will inherit what we have given them and what we are giving them is not very good."

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