Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Wants To Help Troubled Teens

Lindsay Lohan’s father has reportedly teamed up with actor Stephen Baldwin to help bring God to troubled teens. Michael Lohan became a born-again Christian while serving a prison sentence last year and is now an ordained minister.

Baldwin found religion years ago and has dedicated his life to helping kids battle substance abuse.

The two Christians have joined forces to help troubled teens at the Long Island Teen Challenge, and In Touch Weekly magazine claims the pair are planning a reality TV show about their endeavors.

How ironic, Lindsay has an alcohol problem, why isn't he reaching out to her. He needs to help his daughter with her father complex first. If he can't help his own daughter, how is he suppose to help other people's children. Is he trying to passively makeup for helping Lindsay?


Anonymous said...

I agree, how ironic that his own daughter is in that situation.

Then again, I guess that it could be that she so freakin much money that she doesn't care and since he can't help her he wants to help others - that's my devils advocate talking.

On the subject of christian drug abuse treatment programs, do you know of any others besides this one? We are looking for one for my sister in law. We've found some programs for troubled teens like those on but it doesn't say there whether the programs are Christian or not. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Teen Challenge is an excellent program. A young man from my church went through the program and is now free of all drugs with the exception of cigaretts. The last time I spoke with him, he was wearing a patch and trying to quit that as well. We should give Lindsay Lohan's father a break, because you are never to old to be forgiven for your past and change your future. I'm sure that is your hope for your sister-in-law. I don't know you, but I'll pray for your sister-in-law and family. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Teen Challenge changed my brother's life. He had been an addict for about 15 years. He got saved and is now a law abiding citizen and functioning adult. I understand why Mr. Lohan can't help his daughter. My brother would never listen to me or anyone in our family. Family members often cannot and will not accept the love of their family. It often takes a stranger to truly win them over...especially to Christ. I'm thankful for Teen Challenge, but I'm most thankful to Christ for changing my life and my brother's life. Thank God that Mr. Lohan cares enough to help other people overcome their bondage.