Saturday, April 14, 2007

Birtney Spears & Luke Walton Rumors Dispelled

Luke Walton, L.A. Laker's forward, has now said that he isn't having a relationship with Britney Spears. He has a girlfriend which attended the match britney went to see.

He said he is sure she is a good person but he is seeing someone, the good man for her as quoted has now set the record straight.

This isn't too surprising. It was too fishy to begin with. Are there even any pictures of them together? He wasn't too good looking either, but neither was Johnathan Rotem.

And now for some a more shocking rumor, Britney Spears is pregnant again not long after coming out of rehab and Kevin Federline taking custody of the kids she now has another one on the way.

I highly doubt this one to be true, especially since she just recently lost an incredible amount of weight as you can see in the latest photo of her above. But you never know, she has been quite unpredictable lately.

If it is indeed true, the big question is who's the dad?

Stay tuned for updates...

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