Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Newsreader Explains Paris Hilton Refusal

U.S. newsreader Mika Brzezinski has become a heroine after her on-air refusal to read a Paris Hilton story instead on an item related to the Iraq war.

Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe on network Msnbc, stunned her bosses when she snubbed the leading item regarding Hilton's release from jail, believing the story did not deserve precedence over other reports regarding Iraq and the White House.

Since her outburst, the clip has attracted hundreds of thousands of views on videosharing website YouTube.com and Brzezinski has been inundated with praise from viewers and media professionals alike.

She says, "I had one woman send me an email and she told me was weeping tears of joy that someone finally took a stand."

"We were making a statement on our show. I hope making it will start to change something. It became like a piece of theatre.

"We need to have an open discussion about what is news and what is not... I don't think I am in trouble (with my bosses)."

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