Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lindsay Lohan To Move Out of Her Apartment

In a trend that will hopefully continue indefinitely, Lindsay Lohan is making some serious adjustments to her old life to help ensure her sobriety. This time it’s her apartment.

Lindsay is reportedly moving out of her Sierra Towers apartment in the interest of changing her surroundings and staying off the bottle. And it’s the kind of decision that some say is essential if she wants to continue living a party-free existence.

"The Sierra Towers is party central. Lindsay has made the decision not to be around that when she gets out,” the source added.

Apparently the Sierra Towers have a reputation that is well-fueled by both current and former residents. Matthew Perry, Vincent Gallo, Cher, PJ Harvey, Evander Holyfield, Joan Collins, Peter Lawford, Fred Durst, Sidney Poitier, George Hamilton and David Geffen have all called the Towers home at one time or another.

But the Georgia Rule actress isn’t interested in contributing to the continual party atmosphere any longer. While she pursues treatment at Promises, her belongings have already been moved from the apartment to a new locale, more likely to help the actress/singer succeed in her new life ambition: sobriety.

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