Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shia Labeouf Struggling To Get Buff For Indiana Jones 4

"Transformers" Madrid Photocall

Actor Shia Labeouf is struggling to pump up his physique for the new Indiana Jones movie - because he can't eat enough to pack on the pounds.

The Holes star, who plays Jones' sidekick in the new action film, was hoping to appear buff and toned in the movie - but fears he'll have to settle with "athletic."

He says, "I can't put on weight. My problem is I just don't eat enough. I'm fit but I'm never gonna get big. I'd have to change too many things that I don't want to do."

"I was taking (muscle-building supplement) Creatine for a while and it just f**ked me up. I have no interest in that. I'm cool being cut and that's fine."

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