Monday, June 4, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab To Workout

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has been leaving her rehab facility on several occasions - to workout at her local gym.

The Mean Girls actress was criticized earlier this year when she repeatedly left her rehab program at Wonderland to make several personal outings - and she has already left the Malibu based rehab facility Promises three times to workout since she checked in last Monday.

A spokesperson for the rehab center confirmed to Access Hollywood the actress left the facility, saying, "Yes, Lindsay went to the gym."

However, the spokesperson refused to reveal whether trips away from the rehab center were allowed, only saying, "We keep our policies private."

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Anonymous said...

this is actually good. according to many credible sources, working out is as effect as therapy for treating depression and self-esteem issues. exercise creates endorphins which are extremely important to your mental health. lindsay is right on this (for once).