Friday, June 22, 2007

Heather Mills Accused Of Lying About Assault

Heather Mills was accused of lying about her alleged assault in a Brighton, England, court on Thursday (21Jun07).

Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife claimed photographer Jay Kaycappa, 31, grabbed her shoulder as he attempted to take her photo in a Brighton subway in July 2006.

However, Kaycappa's lawyer Anya Lewis, fired back that Mills' allegations were "invented" and produced the 181 photographs her client took over the course of the alleged assault.

The entire sequence of photographs - with the date and time stamps - were shown to Brighton Magistrates' Court, suggesting Kaycappa would only have had two seconds to run towards Mills to grab her, before running back to take another image.

Lewis said, "'If these times are accurate, then you must have lied to us about what's happened."

Mills replied, "'No, why would I lie? They're not accurate and I've not lied."

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