Monday, June 18, 2007

Charlize Theron Sued For Wearing The Wrong Watch On The Red Carpet

Watchmakers at Raymond Weil signed the Oscar winner as a spokesmodel for their $7,000 (£3,500) Shine watches, and were upset when they spotted her wearing a rival Dior timepiece at a 2006 Texas film festival.

According to website, the Theron/Weil deal was worth an estimated $20 million (£10 million), and now the watchmakers are asking for their cash back.

In court papers, they insist Theron is guilty of breaching a contract and promoting a competing watch.

Weil attorney David Jaraslowicz says, "If you're the model for Ralph Lauren, you can't show up wearing Gucci at the Academy Awards. She undercut our entire ad campaign.

"We spent a fortune on an ad campaign centered around her, then she goes off and makes us look silly in the industry by wearing Dior."

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