Thursday, May 17, 2007

Milla Jovovich Thanks Bloger For Not Revealing Her Pregnancy

Milla Jovovich has personally thanked a compassionate blogger who agreed to stay mum about her pregnancy until after her first trimester.

Malkin reveals he first heard the news when Anderson was overheard talking to his mother about the baby at a Los Angeles restaurant, but he agreed to keep it to himself after Jovovich's aides begged him not to go public with his scoop.

And when the blogger attended the launch party of Jovovich's new fashion line, Jovovich-Hawk, at the Stoli Hotel party space in Hollywood, the actress made a point of thanking him.

He says, "Jovovich said to me, 'That was so sweet of you to hold off." The actress, who was showing off her slight baby bump at the party, told Malkin she has put on 25 pounds in her first four months of pregnancy and she's craving steak and potatoes, spaghetti carbonara and Sprite. Malkin reports, "She's been drinking Sprite like crazy - like six cans a day."

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