Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Britney Spears Pimples Are Disgusting!

Britney Spears has some serious acne problems, is she not aware that she's a celebrity who's move is being watched like 24/7? I'm seriously getting tired of her. Goodbye comeback.



Krista said...

Your a loser, if that is what your day is all about, pointing out a small flaw of someone, does it make you feel better? I bet your the same person to picks on someone who is fat or not cute just so you feel better about your problems, or wait i bet you are perfect. You must of been the kid who no one liked when they were young and always got picked last! Get a life please

Tim said...

unlike Krista, I feel you on this post! She really needs to realize she's gotta keep her shit in check before she walks out tha do'! Proactiv is FREE TO TRY!!!! Stop actin' like she can't get that shit under control!

Jessica said...

Thats the problem with the media today, making everyone seem like they have to be perfect. Every person on this earth has a flaw yet people like u like to point them out and make people sad. Stop picking on the girl, im sure no one picks on u like that, watches ur every move.

Anonymous said...


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