Friday, April 13, 2007

What Brad Pitt Will Look Like In 10 Years

It's only the magic of Hollywood's makeup artists, but maybe it could be a glimpse into the future for Brad Pitt.

The photo is from the production of an upcoming movie titled "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," a story about a man borned into his 80's and ages backwards. Sounds like an interesting concept, but kind of leaves behind the possibility of reality.

Meanwhile, US Weekly latest issue has a headline claiming Brad Pitt is not happy that Angelina doesn't pay enough attention to their biological daughter Shiloh. Could it actually be true?

It definitely would contradict James Haven's, Jolie's brother, claim of they are an everlasting couple. Haven further said Angelina was able to adopt again because of Brad.

Or might it be apart of the vengeance the tabloids took on Angelina for giving People Magazine all the exclusive photos of her kids.

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