Monday, April 23, 2007

Natalie Portman Freaked Out From Pedophilic Fan Mail

Natalie Portman used to get sent disturbing letters from pedophiles.

The actress played a young girl who was trained to be an assassin by an older man in 'Leon' when she was just 12. She also landed the role of an older man's object of desire in 'Beautiful Girls' at the age of 13.

Natalie has revealed the two controversial roles led to her receiving sexually explicit fan mail from obsessive and disturbed men.

She revealed to Film and Music magazine: "I was a pedophile's dream! It was weird, and it dictated a lot of my choices afterwards because it scared me."

"When you're a little kid you get really excited about it and you think being famous is really cool. But then you get a fan letter and you read it, and you're like, 'Eeeeeeugh!' Terrified.

"You can imagine what they said. I obviously stopped reading them, but it made me reluctant to do sexy stuff, especially when I was young."

Natalie, now 25, has vowed never to talk about her sex life.

The 'Star Wars' actress wants her personal life to remain private and admits she is shocked when female stars talk about their bedroom antics.

She said: "It's nobody's business. Remember there was that time when Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were proclaiming their virginity... I was like, 'Are you kidding?' "

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