Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Luke Wilson Slaps Himself To Get Hyped Up

Vacancy co-stars Luke Wilson and Frank Whaley held slapping sessions to keep up intensity levels on the set of the thriller.

Wilson admits he had started to tire of the endless night shoots, where his and Kate Beckinsale's characters are permanently on the run from a serial killer, and so he started slapping himself on the thighs to "get real."

He explains, "I called it the Jimmy Connors - he was the old tennis player who used to slap his thigh really hard - so he (Whaley) and I started doing that. It would be Monday morning at 6:30 and we'd have to do the thigh slapping and we'd do it to each other as hard as we could and then you'd look over and there's Kate Beckinsale, this kind of refined British actress, and she's got these guys slapping each others' thighs. You wound up looking crazy."

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