Monday, April 2, 2007

Avril Lavigne Bashes On Britney's Recent Behavior

Avril Lavigne blames Britney Spears' weak will for her breakdown. She said Britney is too weak to cope with the fame.

Lavigne said: “What’s happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person. If you want a piece of this business you have to be able to deal with it.”

You can’t complain about the pressures, the paparazzi, the madness, because that’s your job.”

Avril also commented on Britney's recent drub abuse problem and the rehab ordeal.

Lavigne said she also drank but the difference is that she can handle it and she does it in a way: “no-one else needs to know”, not at all because no-one’s that interested in her of course…

I never was too fond of Avril, but I must agree with her on this one. There's no excuse for all the stupid stuff that Britney has been doing lately. I don't think it's all the pressure from the fame. I think she just made stupid decisions. Although it's true a lot of celebrities do drugs, but you don't see everyone shaving their heads, doing drugs, and tossing the children around. If fame was at fault, why aren't all the other celebs suffering the same thing.

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