Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pairs Hilton Has No Friends, No One Showed Up At Her Birthday Party

Paris Hilton didn't invite her best friend Kim Kardashian to her 26th birthday party in Las Vegas because she was afraid Kim's sex tape would distract from hers. A source says: "She didn't want Kim on the red carpet stealing her thunder." Unfortunately, even the people who were invited didn't show up as she got stood up by A-list celebrities and even her friends. Sources say there were no names there except her sister, and at one point Paris announced on a microphone that Nicole Richie was "on her way" but Richie never showed up.

But even without many boldfaces, things at the after-party at the Penthouse Suite got a little odd. After downing TY KU liquor and bottles of Dom Perignon, guests reported seeing Hilton play with a monkey while a band of midgets led a pack of goats around the room.

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